Focus on the development of computer hardware and become the driving force of artificial intelligence to change the world


Customer satisfaction-oriented values, adhere to customer-centric, create value for customers through innovative products


Insist on operating with integrity, abide by business ethics, and abide by all applicable laws and regulations are the core concepts of HUNSN’s management; Compliance management is implemented end-to-end into business activities and processes; HUNSN values and continues to build a culture of integrity, requiring every employee to abide by the business code of conduct.


The only reason of the company exists is to serve customers. "Customer-centric, creating value for customers" is the HUNSN's common value. HUNSN relies on customers and partners externally, and internally relies on hard-working employees. It is based on the struggler and allows contributors to get a reasonable return; and builds a win-win ecological circle with partners, industrial organizations, standards organizations, universities, research institutions etc. to promote technological progress and industrial development.


HUNSN attaches great importance to independent R&D and innovation, and has more than 10 years of R&D and manufacturing experience. “Focus on the development of computer hardware and become the driving force of artificial intelligence to change the world” is our glorious mission. HUNSN takes the domestic experienced R&D team as the main body, with advanced equipment and perfect service system as the guarantee, with the help of the good cooperative relationship with the upstream chip manufacturers such as Intel, and the supply chain advantage of China manufacturing, HUNSN continues to provide customers with high-quality products with leading technology and low prices.


Cost control in the design process, procurement process, production and service provision process, sales process, logistics process, after-sales service process, management process, logistics support process, etc. Take appropriate and effective measures, including operations, cost engineering and cost management techniques and methods. Such as VE value engineering, IE industrial engineering, ABC activity costing, ABM activity cost management, SC standard costing, target costing, CD cost reduction method, CVP cost-volume-profit analysis, SCM strategic cost management, quality cost management, environmental cost management, inventory management, cost early warning, momentum engineering, cost control plan, etc. The purpose of carrying out cost control activities is to prevent the waste of resources, reduce the cost to the lowest possible level, and maintain the reduced cost level, and continue to provide customers with products and solutions with high price ratios.

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