Quality Assurance


Always bear in mind that quality is the cornerstone of HUNSN’s survival and the reason why customers choose HUNSN

We accurately transfer customer requirements and expectations to HUNSN’s entire value chain, and jointly build quality

We respect the rules and processes, and do things right at one time; we give full play to the potential of all employees and continue to improve

We work with customers to balance opportunities and risks, quickly respond to customer needs, and achieve sustainable development

HUNSN promises to provide customers with high-quality products, services and solutions, and continue to let customers experience that we are committed to creating value for each customer


Incoming Quality Control

The materials required by the product must be strictly implemented before entering the warehouse, and the IQC department must inspectthe incoming materials according to the incoming inspection standards to ensure that all materials meet the specifications. We implement grade control and star rating on suppliers to ensure that all materials provided by suppliers meet our management requirements for product quality.

Production Inspection

IPQC will follow up the production processes throughout the entire process to ensure that all personnel operate in accordance with standards and specifications, conduct a certain percentage of the products in each process, and promote the production personnel to understand the product situation, so as to ensure that everyone’s quality control is not accepted. Good products, no defective products are produced, and no defective products are discharged. For the unfavorable phenomena found in the production, timely find the cause with the relevant quality and engineering personnel, solve it immediately and make a preventive plan, and continuously improve the SOP. Supervise the production unit to test and verify 100% of the products to ensure that all bad problems are solved in time and the products produced are fully qualified.

Reliability Test

HUNSN has a dedicated laboratory for reliability testing. Each batch of products produced needs to be tested for reliability according to the standard proportion of products. The reliability of the products is verified through comprehensive tests such as aging test and drop test to ensure that the product is shipped. Products meet quality requirements.

Shipment Inspection

All products produced by HUNSN must be verified by the quality personnel simulated the client according to the requirements before they are put into the warehouse. After the random inspection has no problems and meets the requirements of special customers, they can enter the warehouse as qualified products, and the unqualified products will be inspected and returned. The engineering quality unit analyzes defective products and provides solutions to ensure that each batch of products shipped meets customer requirements.

After-Sales Data Analysis

HUNSN has a post responsible for after-sales data analysis, specializing in the analysis of defective products returned by the client, and statistical analysis after identifying the cause of the defect, classifying the problem according to the cause of the defect, solving the problem in a targeted manner, and comprehensively testing the same series of products , Carry out verification upgrades, and continuously improve the company's product quality control capabilities.

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