Industrial Computer, Fanless PC


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industrial sbc with 2 x lan
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industrial server with intel core i5 1035g1
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Industrial Computer, Fanless PC

“Fanless Industrial PC – by HUNSN”

•What is a fanless PC

HUNSN is providing a wide variety of fanless industrial PCs. A fanless industrial PC by HUNSN provides a wide variety of benefits over other conventional cooling PCs. They have the latest passive cooling technology that cools down the whole system without a fan and vents. HUNSN has a collection of mini-PCs that are quiet without any noise disturbance, compact and integrated, utilize SSD storage, consume very little power, and are known as energy-saving computers.

•Types of Fanless Industrial PCs

HUNSN contains a variety of fanless PCs having distinguished characteristics. Some of those computers include:

1.IPC-BM18 Series

This fanless computer supports high-speed 4G and its CPU supports J1900/N2920/N3520 BGA, these processors are Intel Celeron and Pentium. The CPU of this computer is made up of aluminum alloy and has a size of 175 x 130 x 36mm. It possesses 1.5kgs of weight. This fanless industrial PC has a memory of 8 GB. It is a mini-computer, the hard disk is 1 x mSATA SSD or 1 x 2.5 inches SATA SSD/HDD. This computer supports Windows 10, Linux ubuntu. It has AMI bios.

2.IEC-IM02 Series

This fanless computer is 3rd Generation and has a Core i5 or Intel Celeron processor of 1007U. It has a SOC chipset. Its RAM supports 8GB memory. The storage size is 1 x 2.5-inch hard disk bay/ 1 x mSATA. This PC can expand up to 1 x mini PCI-E Wi-Fi slot. Its bios are AMI and its operating system has Windows 10, Linus, Ubuntu, etc. It is fanless without vents. It saves electricity by working at DC100-240V AC/50-60Hz.

3.IEC-IM06 Series

It is the fanless industrial PC that is 6-10th Generation and supports different cores including i3, i5, and i7. It supports 4G, GPIO, COM RS422, and RS485. It supports Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth. Its storage space is a 1 x M2. 2280 SATA/NVME SSD, 1 x mSata SSD and 1 x 2.5-inch hard disk bay. Its RAM is more than 32 GB.


A fanless industrial PC by HUNSN is good for the following qualities:

Systems designed for rugged, unusual, or specialized conditions for operating in factories and other industrial environments.Rugged Embedded Computer also known as industrial computers, embedded systems, or industrial PCs. It is cost-effectiveness, reliable operation, and long-term life-cycle.

1. Air quality is regulated and there is zero dust guarantee.

2. Stay cool without vents or fans.

3. Saves electricity.

4. Environmentally friendly.

5. Quiet computer.

6. Small in size.

7.No moving parts, no vibrational damage.

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