OEM/ODM Service

HUNSN ODM/OEM customized service relies on our rich experience in hardware R&D and manufacturing for more than 10 years, and integrates internal and downstream superior technology and resources provide customers with high-quality, customized hardware platform solutions that best meet application needs

Rich Experience in Customized R&D

  • Provide professional ODM/OEM customized services for domestic and foreign first-line equipment/system manufacturers for a long time, and have rich R&D experience in the research and development of customized products that meet the complex application needs of various vertical industries.

Rapid Marketization

  • HUNSN allocates sufficient resources for each ODM/OEM customized project to ensure the first response to customer needs, efficient collaboration with customers, shorten the development cycle, and help customers quickly achieve product marketization.

More Cost Advantages and Benefits

  • HUNSN introduces cost evaluation from the beginning of the customer’s formulation of product specifications, and also has strict cost control on the R&D side, and shares the cost advantages of procurement channels with customers, helping customers to reduce costs while maintaining the same quality.

Product Supply Guarantee

  • HUNSN has a three-level complete supply assurance system: adequate inventory management, flexible production scheduling, and priority supply management for raw material supply, which can meet customers' continuous and flexible customized supply needs.

High Quality and High Reliability

  • Based on the strict standard quality control system, in the field of engineering and application, HUNSN maintains close cooperation with leading customers in various industries, and constantly breaks the quality limit, so that customers can rest assured

Value-Added Services

  • In addition to product development and supply, it also provides customers with value-added services such as BIOS customization, driver development, software debugging, machine testing, operator training, etc., and is responsible for the use of customers' final products.

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