An essential guide to mini pc i5

mini pc i5



Mini PC i5 is one of the best devices to consider if you need a computer without a bulky tower. Though they are in a smaller package, mini PCs offer plenty of power but significantly differ from a laptop or full-sized PC. If you’re an end-user searching for business computing options, then there are various things you should consider. This article is an essential guide on what you should know about mini PCs

mini pc i5

What is a mini pc i5?

These are minicomputers with a Core i5 processor available in quad-core or dual-core. Mini PCs have the most capabilities and features as desktop computers, but they are smaller in their physical size. What makes a mini pc i5 better is because of its high processing speed that is high compared to core i3 processors. Even though we stated mini pc to be similar to large PCs,  there are some differences in their parts.

A mini PC i5 has the following;

    • Memory: used for data storage and are available in two types; Random-access memory (RAM) and Read-only memory (ROM)
    • Processor: Processors perform based on data. HUNSN manufacturers use Intel® Core™ i5-4200Y Processor.
    • Operating system: This is a platform to run other computer programs. HUNSN mini PCs use all software support, including Linux Ubuntu and Windows 10

Storage: To hold information, mini PCs use flash memory to store data.

  • Computer ports: Depending on the mini PC, it can include ports for devices like a mouse, keyboard, audio-jack, HDMI, and USB

Apart from the listed features, there are some that a mini PC doesn’t have. It includes a real-time clock, a cooling system, and a physical interface. You may need to spend a little more on their physical interface.


mini pc i5


Why select a mini PC i5?

This type of mini PC offers various advantages, giving you countless reasons to buy it over a desktop or laptop. First, they are “mini” in size and therefore portable enough. They are cost-effective if compared with laptops or desktops.

Also, mini PCs are known for low energy consumption; therefore, a guaranteed reduced power budget. Lastly, they are versatile enough in that you decide the type of monitor you want to use and also change the parts anytime.

A mini PC i5 is ideal for heavy users, which explains why it’s more expensive than the ones below it. When purchasing a mini PC i5, you must understand your needs. A mini PC i5 is suitable for all applications. For instance, you can rely on it for programming, home use, gaming, IoT development, business-related activities, and even Network Attached Storage.

If you’re unsure whether mini PCs will fit your business needs, HUNSN technology Company can assist you. We offer bulk customization for all products. All you need is to contact us, and our professional experts will be in touch. We also customize other mini PCs for you to choose from. For the best experience, consider HUNSN’s mini PC i5.


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