How to care for an NUC gaming PC

Tips of maintaining an NUC gaming PC


The next unit of computing (NUC) is the newest computer available by intel. Unlike most desktop PCs which are large and bulky, the NUC is packed into convenient small sizes. The NUC gaming PC is powerful, customized to the amount of RAM and storage that suits you. The NUC can be fixed in vehicles, play stations, and other places that one desires


The NUC are relatively affordable and, in addition, can help you save space by use of power over an ethernet connection; thus, you don’t need hanging wires at your play station. With all these benefits, you will need to care for it to prevent it from spoilage. The following guide will help you take care of your NUC gaming PC to ensure it lasts longer. 


nuc gaming pc


Regular cleaning NUC gaming PC


A gaming PC requires regular cleaning as it is used for a longer time, and in the process, specks of dust and debris can be embedded in computer ports and other places. The ports can be cleaned with alcohol and a cotton swab, while for the rest, you will need a can of compressed air to blow away dust. Use toothpicks or a needle to pick up any other debris that may be stuck in the ports. It will be best not to use liquids to clean your NUC as the moisture will damage it. 


Use Antivirus Software and Malware Protection


Antivirus is used to protect a computer from older threats, while malware protection is used to protect from newer threats such as spyware, ransomware, and worms. Therefore, when buying a computer such as NUCs, it is recommended that you install an up-to-date version of malware protection and antivirus.


Low-risk users can use free antivirus and malware protection software, while for those that face high risks, there are companies that charge for the same advanced services. HUNSN enterprise has experts who can guide you on the best antivirus software and malware protection that will suit you.


Keep It Cool and Dry


The NUC gaming PC needs to be kept dry and cool like any other computer. Humid and damp conditions are not ideal for your computer; thus, it should be kept in areas that are not likely to experience flooding and spillage. Liquids can damage your hard drive, CPU, and motherboard, even if it’s a small amount.


A NUC operates at room temperature normally; hence extreme cold or excessive heat can cause damage. Removing your NUC from an extremely cold place to a hotter place will cause condensation, thus putting moisture in the unit. If liquids spill on, you should immediately shut down your NUC and let it dry completely before turning it on.


Bottom line 


The above tips help in the proper maintenance of NUC gaming PC and can also be used to take care of other NUC, such as those of individuals and businesses. HUNSN is one of china’s outstanding high-tech enterprises that focus on producing and selling products in the computer subdivision fields. Our computer experts will be glad to guide you on our products. So contact us today to order your NUC gaming PC and other computer-related products.    


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