5 Best Features of an Industrial Touch Screen PC

industrial touch screen pc


An industrial Touchscreen PC is the most versatile device in recent years. Its resistive touch screen feature not only makes it cost-efficient but is ideal for various industrial application settings. So if you’re looking forward to purchasing an industrial Touch screen, you are on the right track. Hunsn offers high-quality industrial touch screen PCs to select from.


industrial touch screen pc


What is an Industrial Touch Screen PC?

An industrial touch screen PC combines a PC and flat monitor into a single system capable of withstanding operation and deployment in extreme environments. Hunsn’s industrial touch screen PC is built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Touch screen computers can withstand shock, extreme temperatures, debris, dust, exposure to vibrations, and much more. In addition, the primary benefit of using industrial touch screen PCs is their portability. It can be mounted in any location. Also, they are easy to clean through high temperature and pressure water jets, making them very hygienic.


Features of Industrial Touch Screen PC

We will now look at the primary features of industrial panel PCs. It includes;


  1. Waterproof and Dustproof safe

They are waterproof and dustproof safe. Because an industrial touch screen PC is often used in environments that expose them to debris, liquids, dust, dirt, and grime, they are the best options for use where you can’t use regular desktop computers. Hunsn industrial touch screen PCs are suitable for use in hazardous, outdoors, and marine environments. The touch screen PCs IP-rating ranges between IP65 to IP68K.

industrial touch screen pc


  1. Performance

Touch screen PCs are configured with either Intel® Celeron® or Intel® Core® processors. However, the type of processor used depends on the applications and tasks performed by the PC. A powerful Intel® Core® processor works best for numerous workloads, and the inverse applies.


  1. Aspect ratio

The available industrial panel PCs have an aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9. Most touch screen computers use 16:9 aspect ratios to make them compatible with the new industrial machines. At Hunsn, you will get both aspect ratios even if your equipment supports the standard ratio.


  1. Optical Bonding

Hunsn bonds the display on its touch screen PCs to minimize glare and refraction and increase displays durability. Optical bonding means a resin layer is added between the LCD panel and the touch screen to create a free-to-air solid laminate. Since reflection is reduced, the display becomes easy to view in bright conditions or outdoors without increasing screen brightness.


  1. High brightness hardened panel

The display panel of a touch screen PC feature is vital for consideration. That’s because it allows people to view whatever is displayed, whether indoors or outdoors. Most consumer-grade PC monitors brightness range from 200 to 300 brightness units. However, Hunsn industrial touch screen PC features 1000 units, thus, suitable for extreme weather conditions.

Other essential features include various connectivity options, shock and vibration resistance, rich I/O, and a wide temperature range.

Hunsn has been building industrial touch screen PCs in China for more than ten years. Our industrial touch screen PC can work in harsh environments where other regular devices cannot. The services offered are quality, and in case of any assistance, our PC Touchscreen professionals are ready to help.


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