What are the consideration factors for mini itx gaming pc?

mini itx gaming pc


Guide for Mini ITX gaming pc build

For decades now, many people have been focusing on large mid-tower ATX towers for gaming. But, recently, there has been a wellspring of powerful and tiny components used to make a more compact build that’s worth considering. So, the mini ITX Gaming PC, often known as a small factor PC, is the way to go.

Many gamers have been avoiding mini ITX because it’s not easy to build. Precise measurements are needed according to casing clearance. It’s a small PC because it makes them portable as a console because of the small size. Depending on the components used to build, mini ITX packs the power to run AAA titles at ultra or high setting. Mini ITX Gaming PC is complicated; therefore, various factors are considered. Here we will look at the various consideration factors and the pros and cons of this model.


Consideration factors associated with Mini ITX gaming PC build

Airflow and Cooling

Airflow is a vital factor of consideration for a mini ITX build. Since there is congestion of components in the casing, the airflow gets affected. Severe throttling may occur without enough airflow to assist the CPU cool down. The CPU will lag when a CPU begins to overheat, also known as “thermal throttling,” the CPU will lag.

To avoid such, a CPU needs sufficient airflow. Unlike the normal CPUs that use liquid coolers, the same tactic won’t work for a mini ITX build as it will need more space. For this model, find a casing that supports mounting radiators for cooling. Hunsn provides various cube cases with a large airflow capacity. In addition, all Hunsn gaming PCs have double face cooling fans, thus boosting the GPU and CPU performance.


Cable Management

Cable management, regardless of its size and form factor, is essential for any PC build. However, it’s difficult for mini ITX builds because it doesn’t have spaces for compartments to hide cables, unlike Micro ATX and ATX cases.

For mini PC builds, cables are tucked so it doesn’t block airflow. By doing so, the build will be easy to clean, efficient, and with good airflow. Zip and Velcro ties can play a major role in such cases.

Case Funs and CPU Coolers

Finding low profile CPU cooler is essential for mini ITX cases. For the case fans, all Hunsn gaming PCs have double cooling systems. The extra airflow assists in unleashing the full fury of NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX and Intel processor for an outstanding gaming experience.

Hunsn produces a high-quality mini ITX case that accommodates all components needed for the build. The Hunsn ITX cases have a large front fan and rear fan with vents on the sides of the case. It also supports CPU coolers with smart, silent cooling fans, making it more convenient. 

Power Supply

A good mini ITX gaming PC comes with a high-quality power supply. Meaning it has to come with the needed connectors and the sleeved cables. Hunsn products have all accessories included. All mini gaming PCs use GeForce GTX graphics cards, drawing their power from the power connectors.

Graphics card

Graphics cars are the most vital part of a mini ITX gaming PC. That’s because, without graphics card slots, playing the latest games won’t be possible. When selecting a graphic card, consider one shorter because mini ITX cases are shorter in length. Also, it should be powerful to play the latest games even in high settings. The GeForce GTX 1650 4G graphics card is among Hunsn’s best graphics cards to opt for as it fits even the smallest case.

Hard drive

A hard drive with a larger capacity is suitable for a mini ITX gaming PC. Hunsn gaming PCs offer 1TB/2TB/3TB and much more hard drives for a gaming pc build. The hard drives offer tons of space, stay cooler, are not noisy, and are reliable in the gaming PC world.


A good processor for mini ITX gaming PCs has to be powerful and process various threads. This will enable it to perform as a quad-core processor. At Hunsn, all mini PCs use a windows processor. You can download the windows driver tool each as the links is also provided.


Why should you go for a mini ITX gaming pc build?


With a Mini ITX build is small factor PC so, doesn’t need much space. For example, you can get an ATX mid-tower covering 56,000 cubic centimeters of space. But, if you go for a Mini ITX case from the same company, it’ll cover approximately 18,000 cubic centimeters. Meaning you will need to have at least three Mini ITX cases to cover one ATX space.


Though mini ITX comprises expensive components and cases, they generally cost less. Conversely, because of the less complexity and smaller physical dimensions of the cases and motherboards, they are generally cheaper.


Mini ITX PCs are lightweight compared to their counterparts. A full-loaded mini ITX steel case is approximately 40 pounds or more, making it even more portable. Though most models use the same parts apart from motherboards, the cases make it lighter.


Mini ITX gaming PCs are very appealing tiny machines. Its customized design and expensive components make it more satisfying to select and assemble all components by yourself.


Less room expansion

With a mini ITX, the motherboard has cut corners. This means, that it doesn’t offer multiple card slots for GPU setups. Instead, mini ITX offers two RAM slots. So, to get a larger memory setup, you will need to purchase one with a higher capacity.

After checking on cable managing and fitting components for the mini ITX gaming PC build, the result is a more powerful PC depending on the used components. Mini ITX Gaming PC is light enough, making it very portable to carry along for weekend gaming. With this PC, you can use it for editing jobs and set it up anywhere.

For quality mini ITX gaming PC, Hunsn offers various models with various components. We can be the leading innovative computer technology experts in China currently gaining popularity internationally. Our 10+ years of experience make us a reliable and trustworthy seller for all types of mini PCs. For product customization, pricing, and any other inquiries, We, Hunsn, are ready to assist. Request a quote today!


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