How Do A Home Firewall Router Work?

understanding the purpose of a home firewall router

A home firewall router plays a major role in forming a home network. A router is a type of “traffic cop” for home and business networks. This device communicates through data between an internet service provider (IPS) and devices connected to the internet. Ideally, it routes traffic between devices and IPS. However, a home firewall router serves different home needs.


With a home firewall router, you will enjoy faster internet service, avoid Wi-Fi dead spots, and protect your family from cyber threats. Essentially, routers can be wireless or wired. Wired routers share data through cables, thus creating a LAN network, whereas wireless routers use an antenna to create WLANs. Routers typically use data sent over networks. Thereafter it analyzes, and then sends it over another network.


home firewall router


How does a home firewall router work?

A typical home has multiple internet-connected devices: smartphones, printers, personal computers, tablets, smart TVs, and much more. These devices form a network with the router. A firewall router directs internet traffic, incoming and outgoing traffic most efficiently.

The data traveling on your network can be a movie, an email, or a live feed from one of your home cam. Each uses a varying bandwidth to ensure the data collected and delivered are quick and correct.


 Before answering the question above, you need to understand a firewall.


home firewall router


What is a firewall?

A firewall is an outside network shield. It scans all traffic directed to your network and does away with any information that’s not allowed. Essentially, the information thrown out is based on the user’s preference set beforehand.

When configuring a firewall, everything gets blocked, then you can rule out what can come through. Firewalls have traffic logs that enable you to see what comes in and what is blocked. Rather than purchasing a firewall directly, technology has advanced to the new combination of a modern home firewall router.


Types of Home Firewall Router

Firewalls come in two types: software firewalls and hardware firewalls. So, the router used at home functions as hardware firewalls. The software firewalls are what include windows though there are other third-party firewalls.

Going back to our question, we will answer;


How home firewall routers function as hardware firewalls.


A home firewall router share IP addresses from your IPS using a network address translation (NAT). When incoming internet traffic reaches the router, it doesn’t know which device it should forward to, thus; discarding the traffic. The NAT acts as the firewall preventing any incoming requests from reaching your device.

You can block specific outgoing traffic with a home firewall router by changing the router settings. You can do this by putting a computer in a demilitarized (DMZ) zone or setting up port forwarding. A DMZ forwards all traffic to the channeled computer. Meaning your computer won’t benefit from the router as a firewall.

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