HUNSN iConsumer Solution

With the increasing and high demand for computing systems, consumer computing system products are dramatically improving every year by continually adding features. This fast evolution puts tremendous chances for products with the latest technology.


More Compact

The desktop mini pc computing system is becoming more mighty, more tiny. With Intel®/AMD® processor. They have been made into ready-to-run small form factor system, or enabling to build your own with HUNSN’s Elements and Boards for custom applications.


Ready-to-Go System

HUNSN offering the wide options for your demand, more SKUs to meet your specific usage needs.


Flexibility Elements Combine

Weather the Ready-to-Go computing systems by HUNSN or tailored components to build your own systems.


Outstanding Performance

HUNSN building its wide slections on these computing systems with processors feature up to 16 CPU cores, with integrated graphics and high performance NVIDIA® GeForce graphics.


Iot Capable

With latest technology for your smart home/business and more


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